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Get Extra Commitment to Service at no Extra Cost

Five star service

This is the hallmark of our service: comitment to a flawless experience for you everytime you call one of our cabs. We are proud to hold high standards and a premium service unmatched by any other taxi cab fleet in the Triangle. We value your business and we are ready to proove it!


These are our five stars:

s- Timeliness:

Rest assured your time will be safegaurded and we'll do everything within our means to make your travel as pleasant as possible.

s- Efficiency:

with state of the art geo-positioning and communication capabilities that draws us beyond the ordinary. This ensures timeliness and efficiency as well as a flawless trip.

s- Comfort:

Our fleet of taxi cabs is comprised of sparkling clean, spacious SUVs with comfortable seats and plenty of room for your luggage or large parties.

s- Friendliness:

Our drivers are friendly and aware that each one of our customers is unique and should be treated as such.

s - Quick online reservation:

It will take seconds for our operators to receive your online reservation and return a friendly email and phone call to confirm your booking. A cab will be on your way within the next three minutes! Please allow 5 minutes advance notice.


Standard rates, always

Our premium service doesn't cost you more. All the perks are included within the authorized rates.


Airport service

We understand that traveling can be a stressful experience. Taxi cab transportation doesn't have to be so. Our experience with the RDU airport ensures a fast and flawless experience. Our driver will bus the luggage for you and provide timely and friendly information about town or your destination if so desired.
You can make your taxi cab reservation days before your trip to avoid last minute hassles, either by phone or email. RDC taxi will be there for you bright and early.
All within the standard rates.


Ask about our VIP Service:

Our VIP service is an example of this: for no extra charge our VIPs are given a VIP number which will ensure that his or her information are entered into our database to further expedite the reservation process and minimize the effort. Our VIPs always enjoy priority service which gives you addes peace of mind when making your reservation or placing special requests. Become one of our VIPs by just signing in and start enjoying the benefits right away.